Acrylic Print Durability

Acrylic photographs have become increasingly popular in Sydney, seamlessly merging aesthetics with durability. Yet, what sets acrylic apart from its traditional counterparts? Here's an exploration of "Why Acrylic Photos Shine: A Comparison with Traditional Prints?"

Understanding Traditional Prints

Befor diving into the world of acrylic, it's crucial to comprehend the traditional print world. These prints have been the gold standard for years, presenting photos in their raw, unaltered essence. They carry a nostalgic charm, reminding many of the era when photography was a meticulous craft, where every detail mattered.

Materials Used:

Traditional prints often use materials like paper, canvas, or metal. Each material has its distinct texture and feel. For instance, paper prints might transport you back to flipping through old family albums, while metal can give the image a more robust and enduring appearance.


  • Natural look and feel
  • Widely accepted in galleries and shows
  • Cost-effective


  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Can fade over time
  • Lack the depth and shine that some modern methods offer

Why do Acrylic Photos Shine?

There's a reason why acrylic printing in Sydney has gained so much traction. Beyond its captivating visual appeal, acrylic prints provide a high-end, luminous quality that traditional prints simply can't match. The fusion of technology with artistry in acrylic printing makes each piece a spectacle.

The Luminosity Factor:

One of the primary reasons acrylic photos shine is due to the light-refracting properties of the material. This refraction allows images to glow and radiate brilliantly when light hits them, making them pop. The interplay of light and material gives each acrylic print an almost ethereal quality, bringing the image to life.

Depth and Dimension:

Acrylic adds a depth that can make an image feel almost three-dimensional. The print floats within the acrylic, not just adding a layer of sophistication but also creating an illusion of space. It's as if you're looking into a window rather than at a flat image.


Acrylic is robustly resistant to UV rays and moisture. This resilience ensures the print remains vibrant for longer, safeguarding it against the rigours of time and the environment. The inherent sturdiness of acrylic means that it is not only a beautiful choice but also a practical one.

Benefits for Various Professionals

Artists and Photographers: For artists and photographers, acrylic offers a fresh and modern canvas for their creations. It doesn’t just frame their work; it elevates it, making it more appealing and engaging for contemporary audiences, capturing attention in galleries or exhibitions.

Interior Designers: The sleek and elegant look of acrylic prints is a designer's dream. These prints fit seamlessly into modern interior designs, effortlessly becoming the focal point of any space and adding a touch of luxury that resonates with today's aesthetic preferences.

Business Owners: For business owners wanting to leave a lasting impression, acrylic prints are the answer. They're not just prints; they're statements. Whether in offices or storefronts, an acrylic print speaks volumes about modernity, elegance, and attention to detail.

Accommodations: Hotels, resorts, and other accommodations continually search for ways to enhance guests' experiences. Integrating the high-end look and feel of acrylic prints into rooms or lobbies ensures a touch of sophistication and modern flair, making every stay memorable.

Choosing Between Acrylic and Traditional

When deciding between acrylic and traditional prints, consider the following:

Purpose: If you want a modern touch and a stand-out piece, go for acrylic. For a classic feel, traditional prints might be more up your alley.

Budget: While acrylic might have a higher upfront cost, its durability can make it a worthwhile investment.

Audience: Consider who you're targeting. Acrylic might resonate better if you're in a more contemporary space or targeting a younger demographic.

Why Choose Deluxe Art for Your Acrylic Printing Needs?

While there are numerous options for acrylic printing in Sydney, Deluxe Art stands out. Why? Because at Deluxe Art, there's a blend of passion, precision, and perfection. With an impeccable understanding of the medium, Deluxe Art ensures that every print captures the essence of the image.

The Environmental Impact: Acrylic vs. Traditional

While considering aesthetics and durability is crucial, it's equally vital to consider your choice's environmental implications.

Traditional Prints:

Traditional prints, especially those on paper, can be sourced sustainably. Paper is often recyclable and can be produced from sustainably managed forests. Canvas, too, has its eco-friendly variants. However, the chemicals used in photo processing can harm the environment.

Acrylic Prints:

Acrylic is a form of plastic, and its production can have a more significant carbon footprint. However, its longevity means less frequent replacements, leading to less waste in the long run. When choosing acrylic, it's essential to consider recycling options and responsible disposal methods.

The Verdict:

Both traditional and acrylic prints have their environmental pros and cons. As a consumer, making informed decisions and opting for sustainable practices whenever possible is essential.

Customisation and Flexibility: Finding Your Fit

Acrylic and traditional prints also differ in how easily they can be customised and their flexibility in terms of presentation.

Traditional Prints:

These offer a high degree of flexibility. You can customise a traditional print to your liking, from different paper types to various finishes (glossy, matte, etc.). They can also be easily framed or left unframed for a more rustic look.

Acrylic Prints:

Acrylic prints shine (literally and figuratively) when it comes to customisation. They can be cut into various shapes, allowing for more unique presentations. Backlighting can also be added to acrylic prints, making the image stand out even more. The lack of frames also gives acrylic prints a sleek and modern edge.

The Verdict:

If you're looking for something truly unique and tailored to your specifications, traditional and acrylic prints offer avenues for customisation. However, if a modern and sleek look is what you're after, acrylic might have the edge.


Deciphering "Why Acrylic Photos Shine: A Comparison with Traditional Prints?" underscores the unique merits of both mediums. While traditional prints exude classic allure, acrylic prints are undeniably modern marvels. Deluxe Art remains the trusted choice for transcendent acrylic prints for those around Sydney. With Deluxe Art, it's not just about printing; it's about crafting stories.

November 28, 2023 — Donna Far Azin