Matting in Framing

Delving into the art world often leads one to a crossroads: the timeless charm of traditional art or the contemporary appeal of canvas prints? Both have staunch advocates and present distinct advantages. As we take you through the facets of each, we hope to help you arrive at a choice that resonates with both your heart and your living space.

The Allure of Traditional Art

1. The Classic Touch:

Traditional art, steeped in history and rich in texture, is a testament to an artist's craftsmanship. The nuanced layers and the intricate brush strokes all lend a certain depth that adds character to any room. Each painting or sculpture becomes a conversation piece, echoing tales of past eras and the artist’s journey.

2. Unique & Irreplaceable:

In an age of mass production, traditional art is a bastion of uniqueness. Every meticulously created artwork stands as an individual entity, adding exclusivity to your home. It’s not just art; it’s an experience, a moment captured in time.

3. Investment Potential:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, traditional art often serves as a tangible asset. Especially artworks from celebrated artists or pieces that hold historical significance; they beautify your space and potentially offer financial growth. It's a blend of culture and investment.

The Modern Charm of Canvas Prints

1. Versatility:

The digital world has broken boundaries, and canvas prints are a testament to that. From capturing photographic memories to rendering digital designs, they seamlessly fit into diverse interiors. Whether it's a minimalistic or vibrant setting, canvas prints offer the flexibility to complement it.

2. Durability:

Modern problems require modern solutions. Canvas prints with protective layers are designed to combat threats like UV rays, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. It’s not just about the beauty but also the longevity that these prints bring to the table.

3. Cost-Effective:

Art, often seen as a luxury, becomes accessible with canvas prints. While traditional art might be an investment, canvas prints democratise art. They allow a wider audience to indulge in and appreciate art without burning a hole in the pocket.

Printing and Framing: A Crucial Decision

No matter the choice between canvas prints vs. traditional art, printing and framing play a crucial role in how the artwork will ultimately look.

1. The Impact of Framing:

A frame is not just a boundary; it’s a statement. Whether you choose a minimalist wooden edge or an ornate metallic one, the frame amplifies the essence of the artwork. It provides context, aiding the art in weaving a narrative in the viewer's mind, making even the most understated pieces command attention.

2. Quality of Print:

The heart of a canvas print lies in its quality. A crisp, high-resolution print ensures that each detail and hue stands out, recreating the artist's vision with fidelity. The choice of printing medium, be it matte or glossy, further refines this experience, influencing how light interacts with the artwork and shaping the viewer's engagement with it.

Which One to Choose for Your Home?

The ambience and narrative of your living space can significantly influence the type of art that aligns best with it. Here's a deeper dive into the factors you should consider:

1. Assessing the Decor:

Your home decor serves as a backdrop for the art. Think of the colour palettes, the furnishings, and architectural elements. A sleek, modern apartment with minimalist furnishings might sing with canvas prints' fresh, digital detail. Conversely, a home imbued with antique furniture and ornate fixtures might find its soulmate in the rich narratives of traditional art.

2. Budget Constraints:

While we all dream of having limitless budgets, reality often dictates otherwise. With their cost-effective nature, canvas prints offer the luxury of art without the hefty price tag. However, if you're willing and able to invest, a traditional piece can be both a decorative and financial asset.

3. Personal Preference:

Your home should reflect your personality. Whether you find solace in the pixel-perfect precision of canvas prints or lose yourself in the stories painted on traditional canvases, let your heart guide your decision.

Why Not Both?

The age-old adage of ‘why not have your cake and eat it too’ seems apt. Modern interior design thrives on fusion, marrying various styles to craft unique narratives:

Who says art needs to be confined to one style? Canvas prints can adorn one wall with vibrant immediacy, while traditional artwork anchors another space with its timeless aura. By interweaving these styles, you can create a dynamic aesthetic dialogue within your home, letting each piece complement and contrast with its neighbour.

Factors Influencing Longevity

While the artistic debate is rich, the practicality of how long an artwork lasts can't be sidelined:

1. Environmental Conditions:

Art, like us, responds to its environment. An artwork in a sunlit room might fade faster than one in a dimly lit corridor. While canvas prints may have a protective layer, they aren't immune to harsh conditions. Similarly, traditional art can be vulnerable to light and atmospheric changes, especially if not framed with UV-protective glass.

2. Maintenance:

Art requires care. Despite their protective coatings, canvas prints benefit from occasional dusting, while traditional artworks might require more dedicated maintenance. Older traditional pieces may need restoration or reframing to keep them in prime condition.

3. Storage:

Art's longevity is also influenced by its treatment when off the walls. For instance, storing a canvas print rolled up in a humid environment is a recipe for disaster. Similarly, traditional artworks need to be stored in a manner that preserves their structural and aesthetic integrity. Proper framing, controlled environments and careful handling ensure the artwork's vibrancy remains unblemished over time.

The Emotional Connect: Beyond Aesthetics

Art, in its myriad forms, isn't just about visual appeal. It's a doorway to emotions, memories, and stories. Delving deeper into this dimension can further enlighten the canvas prints vs. traditional art discourse:

1. Personal Stories:

Each traditional artwork is a chapter in an artist's journey. The imperfections, the strokes, the choice of colours - every facet might echo tales from the artist’s life or mirror the societal milieu of the time. Beyond its visual grandeur, owning a traditional artwork is like holding a fragment of history, filled with whispers of the past and the artist's odyssey.

2. Memories Immortalised:

In this digital age, moments fleet faster than ever. But canvas prints offer a pause button. Converting personal photographs into canvas prints means preserving those fleeting seconds, making them a permanent backdrop in your life. Every glance at such a print can transport you back in time, letting you relive cherished moments and binding you with the emotions they encapsulate.

3. Art as Conversations:

Ever found yourself engrossed in a discourse about an artwork? Both traditional pieces and canvas prints can serve as potent conversation starters. They challenge perspectives, invoke nostalgia, or simply pique curiosity. In social gatherings or quiet, introspective moments, artworks can catalyse profound discussions, making your living space a vibrant hub of thoughts and dialogues.


The debate between canvas prints vs. traditional art is subjective. What’s essential is the joy and satisfaction that the artwork brings to your space. As you ponder your choices, remember that both art forms have their place in the decor world.

For those in Sydney and within a 100 km radius, whether you're an artist, photographer, interior designer, business owner, or accommodation provider, the importance of quality artwork cannot be overstated. And while this guide aims to educate and provide insight, the final decision rests with you.

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December 05, 2023 — Donna Far Azin