Here at Deluxe Art - Printing, Framing & Gallery, we provide artists fine art reproduction services to give them the opportunity to share the beauty of their original works to more people.

FINE ART REPRODUCTION is a smart way of having digital copies of artworks, so prints can be made from them in the future. Hence, giving opportunities for more sales channels and revenues for artists and giving their customers opportunities to enjoy their art.

With fine art reproduction, an artist can produce prints of an art in various sizes and formats. A large print can be made from a small original painting and vice versa. Giclee print, canvas print, acrylic print or framed fine art print can be made from a single digital file created from fine art reproduction. Now, that is an exciting creative process!


Choose the artwork/s that you want to be reproduced and digitised.

Go through your body of work and choose the ones you think you want print copies in the future, either for yourself or for your customers.

Visit our shop at Unit 1, 160 The Entrance Road, Erina NSW 2250.

Bring in your artworks that you want to be reproduced to our shop and we'll give you a quote and advise the turnaround time. We are open from Monday (9am to 5pm) to Saturday (9:30am to 3:30pm). 

High resolution digital capture will be done by us.

Depending on the size of the artworks, we will either scan or take photos of them at high resolution, so large prints can be reproduced from the files.

Post processing via Photoshop will be done after high resolution digital capture.

Our team will do colour correction and editing of the digital files captured via high resolution scans and photographs, so they replicate the original artworks as much as possible.  

Print proof from the edited high resolution file will be provided.

After the the post-processing of the high resolution digital file has been completed via Photoshop. We will print a small test proof of the file and give it to you.

Final high resolution digital file of the fine art reproduction will be sent to you via Hightail. 

You will receive an email from us via Hightail. This email will contain the link to the high resolution file of the fine art reproduction we have done for you. Click on the link, download the file and save it in your computer. We suggest that you create several copies of the file and save them in different locations, so you will always backups.